I am Friends with Ebay Again

We had a biff, but we’ve patched it up

Chris Welsby
4 min readFeb 24, 2022


Image by Kevin Phillips on Pixabay

I fell out with eBay a couple of years ago, just before Covid. It was the second serious rift in our relationship, and I felt at the time it might be terminal.

I was connected with another account, which was being administered fraudulently.

Well, no I wasn’t actually. I was doing the same things I was always doing. There was a mistake somewhere down the line. But eBay didn’t want to listen.

eBay blocked my sales. I needed to give them details of my connectivity with this other account.

Me: What other account? You give me details of this other account and I will tell you if I know them.

eBay: We can’t give you details of this account as it is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

Me: How can I give you details of my connectivity with another account when I have no idea what you are talking about?

eBay: You cannot sell on eBay until you let us know your connectivity……..

So I took off all my listings and waved Ebay goodbye. See you later. Or maybe not.

The first fallout with eBay occurred several years earlier.

I was selling books and greetings cards and various other bits and pieces.

Then came the notification from eBay. I had acted fraudulently. I had sold two paintings in the US, pocketed the money, and not dispatched the paintings.

What paintings? Pocketed what money? Are you real? Check my listings, my track record, and my Paypal account.

All this some months after a serious breach of eBay security when personal data had been leaked. I wonder if this had anything to do with it?

After a short stewards enquiry, I was exonerated and my account reinstated. Those were the days when there was some semblance of customer service and common sense prevailing at eBay.

By the end of the last decade, such common sense had all but disappeared.

However, I want to sell some items, and eBay is the best resource for these particular items, even though I don’t think it is as powerful a platform as it was.



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