Is Heavy Drinking Affecting Your Life?

It may not even be you doing the drinking

Chris Welsby
4 min readJun 9, 2022


Image by Michael Ladenthin on Pixabay

Top UK jockey Oisin Murphy was recently banned from racing for failing breath tests and Covid irregularities.

He has now shared his story about his heavy drinking. His efforts to win every race and perform to the top of his ability at all times caused him tremendous stress. He tried to solve his dilemma with drink.

There were times he just drank until he blacked out in an evening, then woke next morning and set off for his days work.

Only now his racing career has been (temporarily) brought to an abrupt halt has he realised how far he had sunk.

Many other sporting lives down the years have been wasted due to drink.

But as well as the individual, damage is usually inflicted on those loved ones who also have to pay a heavy price.

High-Functioning Alcoholics are those who deny their illness. They feel they can control their drinking, but usually have suffered depressions at some stages of their lives, and are prone to mood swings.

They are not able to see the toll their drinking is having on their lives, and the lives of their loved ones.

They cannot control relationships, work problems or their own emotions.

If you try to cut back on drinking habits, immediately you are faced with social events that are frequently centred around alcohol.

From Christenings to Engagements, Weddings to Anniversaries and then Funerals, most involve pubs, hotels or restaurants somewhere in the arrangements.

We wet the babies head, have stag and hen parties, and finally give the deceased a good send off. Plus of course we also have Birthday and Christmas celebrations at home often with beer, wines and spirits all readily available.

That makes it difficult to avoid the booze. If you do manage to kick or control the habit, there will always be the temptation of an event somewhere along the line to de-rail the plan.

Always someone pressing a drink in your hand saying “Just have the one. It will do you good”.



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